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Breaking News! Kangaroo is changing!

But it's only the name….from Monday the 25th of April all kangaroo products will start to be renamed under the Robin Hood banner. You’ll still be able to use your existing Citycard containing Kangaroo travel, we’ll give you a new Robin Hood Card when you next need to renew your travel. Your card will work the same as it always has, so no need to worry. Kangaroo Day Tickets will now be called Robin Hood Day tickets. All prices will stay the same as they are now and all conditions of use remain unchanged

See this link to learn all about the new Robin Hood card.

Jump the queue! The easiest & most convenient way to travel!

The Kangaroo ticket allows unlimited travel on most buses, trams and trains within Greater Nottingham* - no matter who operates the service! So, if you want to travel on a bus and then switch to a train or tram, you can with Kangaroo!

The following services are excluded:
Trent Barton - Red Arrow, Skylink Express and all services between midnight and 4am
Yourbus - all services between midnight and 4am
If in doubt, check with operators before you travel

Available as a simple day ticket or as a season pass for regular hoppers, you can hop on and hop off with Kangaroo all day from as little as £1.48 a day!

*Greater Nottingham area as shown on the Kangaroo Boundary Map

Jump the Queue

Unlimited travel on any local bus, train or tram from just £1.47* a day!!!